What Factor Effect The Sublimation Paper Printing

What Factor Effect The Sublimation Paper Printing
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In sublimation print  process ,  moisture is important influencing factors, it attect the sublimation paper printing.
The presence of moisture in either the substrate or the sublimation paper outcomes in an detrimental impact on the sublimation process. They can lead to problems like color transferring (losing colours accuracy), bleeding of the image, and uneven switch of strong filled areas of a design.
Sublimation paper can continue an giant quantity of moisture. To reduce the consequences of humidity, constantly maintain your transfer paper sealed in a plastic bag in a dry place. If possible, store your sublimation paper in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.
If you suspect the transfer paper is uncovered to humidity and have extra moisture, you have a couple of options. One is to set the paper on your heat press besides closing it for a few seconds to heat them. The heat radiating from the press must assist in evaporating the moisture.sublimation transfer paper
If you’ve already printed a transfer you can place the printed transfer 2″ to 3″ beneath the warmness platen for 30 – 40 seconds to remove the extra moisture. This may additionally results in the switch like missed shade or fuzzy searching details.
However, an surroundings that is too dry isn’t any excellent both as it can cause print head nozzle loss issues.
The great surroundings for sublimation printing is one that has at least 45% humidity and is fairly cool. If changes are needed, you can purchase either a humidifier or de-humidifier.
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