Whats the Advantages of Our 1.8m Roll To Roll UV Printer


Yesterday, we have introduce you our new hot selling 1.8m roll to roll uv printer, today we will talking about why our this model uv printer are so famous, why so many customer choose it, whats the main advantages it has!



First, our roll uv inkjet printer perfect design of ink system and nozzle moisturizing device, ensure the continuity and quality of printing; High resolution and high speed to satisfy different customers with different orders, realizing the rapid production of the batch, varieties and more personalized.


Second, support a variety of image formats and software, such as JPG/TIFF/AI/EPS/PS; With advanced servo control system, ensure the accuracy of the printing position and consistency, very long length material can be also transmitted smoothly. High speed data processing and transmission;Adopt professional RIP, enhance production efficiency greatly.



Third, our roll to roll uv printer adopt advanced band conveyor device and printhead adjustable device.It can adjust the height of cleaning system and carriage at the same time, it could fit all kinds of cloth thickness, Flat board material. Max printing thickness is 30mm; Standard tension rail take-up system, Auto take-up system; Intelligent vertical location in the front and back; Special anti-collision mechanism for carriage, lengthen the lifetime of printhead.


We have sells the large format inkjet printer for about 8 years, we have many size uv inkjet printer, any needs pls feel free to contact us!