SKYIMAGE Anti-curl Ultra-thin 45gsm Sublimation Paper for Polyester Fabric Printing

Item Code: Features:(1. Suitable for soft or hard surface application; (2. Stable coupling of transfer paper and fabric; (3. More than 98% ink transferring rate
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SKYIMAGE Anti-curl Ultra-thin 45gsm Sublimation Paper for Polyester Fabric Printing 


1. New generation of sublimation papers, instant-dry, pushing well beyond the boundaries of ink drying. 
2. Suit for high speed industrial plotters and single pass printers with Kyocera heads and matching sublimation inks.
3. For low to medium ink coverage.
4. Especially designed for sublimation onto fabrics used in the fashion and home decor markets.

dye sublimation paper


1.Great for holiday, birthday or personal celebration gifts.

2.Incorporate photographs or a personalized message. 

3.Flexibility and quick turnaround allows order fulfillment with minimal lead time.

4.Add on extra sales (and profits) with a wide array of items made from a single system. 

5.Bright and white (not pure white), Creating vibrant images on paper.

6.Waterproof and instant dry.

7.Heat sublimation paper which specialized for Sublimation Ink.  

8.Printed photo can be kept over 80 years.

35gsm sublimation paper



(1. Excellent ink transferring rate (more than 98%)

(2. Made with fiber from 100% sustainable managed forestry reserves

(3. Renders the richest colors and maintains truest tone

(4. Outstanding ink holding and instant dry

(5. Suitable for soft or hard surface application

(6. Stable coupling of transfer paper and fabric



Width Length Core Qty Rolls/Pallet
432mm/17inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 168
610mm/24inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 120
914mm/36inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 88
1,118mm/44inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
1,270mm/50inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
1,320mm/52inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
1,370mm/54inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
1,524mm/60inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
1,600mm/63inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
1,620mm/64inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
1,820mm/72inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
1,900mm/74inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
2,400mm/94inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch 64
Other widths upto 2.4m and jumbo reel sizes available upon request.




-We are manufacturer of both sublimation paper and sublimation ink so that we can match the paper and ink well;


-Smooth print speed;

-High transfer rate(over 98%);

-Greater sublimation colour release;

-Eliminate ghosting;

-Patent:The 4th Smooth Micro-capsule Coating Technology.



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