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13inch Direct To Film(DTF) Printer Epson P408
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13inch Direct To Film(DTF) Printer Epson P408

Epson P408 Modified for DTF Transfer Printing. The Epson L1800 is one of the most popular DTF printers available in the small desktop class at a great price for the basic printing needs of the masses.
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Product Description

13inch Epson P408 Direct to Film(DTF) Printer


Epson P408 Modified for DTF Transfer Printing


Ink: 8-color textile pigment ink
Resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi

Advantage of Sublistar DTF Printer

If you are looking for tiptop and affordable DTF printers to meet your batch printing needs, sublistar is your best choice.

1. 13" Wide Format Printing

Accommodates print media up to 13" wide

2. High-Capacity Cartridges Available

Provides large-size, easy-to-install and high-yield ink cartridges

3. High-Quality And Detail

Obtain smooth gradients; precise colors; clear, grain-free images and clear text.

4. Fade-Proof Prints

The ultimate combination of image quality and longevity; to obtain stain-proof, scratch-proof, water-proof and fade-proof prints.

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology: Advanced MicroPiezo® AMC™ printhead with ink-repelling coating technology; 8-channel, drop-on-demand, inkjet printhead
Maximum Print Resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi
Maximum Printable Area: Maximum paper width 13″
Maximum cut-sheet size 13″ x 19″
Maximum printable area 13″ x 129″
Minimum Ink Droplet Size: Smallest droplet size 1.5 picoliters; Variable Droplet Technology can produce up to 3 different droplet sizes per print line
Print Speed: 4m2/h
Nozzle Configuration: 180 nozzles x 8

Machine Details

  • Patented modification, can accept PreTreat paper (digital transfer film, also known as DTF paper) or roll paper (maximum 13 inches width)

  • The built-in heater enhances the printing area, which can achieve better ink adhesion and curing at low temperatures, and avoid ink bleeding

  • WIMS (White Ink Management System)-a patented white ink "mixing and recycling" function, usually only found on a $20,000+ system, and has the greatest benefit, which can minimize clogging

  • 8-channel technology (applicable to White and CMYK)

  • XL ink tank continuous feed system-larger and DTF specific, compared to standard ink tanks used on other systems

  • Wide printable area(up to 13inch)

  • Humidity sensor and Epson driver software

RIP Software


CADlink RIP 10 For DTF P408

CADlink DigitalFactory Version 10 offers you high-fidelity color printing, the professional management tools can simplify your production process from start to finish.
Comes with a security dongle that can be used with most Epson-based DTG printers, DTF printers and UV printers on the market.


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