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Find a one-stop shop for your dye sublimation printing requirements, start your own custom all over print business here.
Skyimage is the biggest online supplier of sublimation products including sublimation printers, inks, paper, heat press machine and also software, spare parts.
We specialized in providing One Stop Solution for customers to select sublimation and heat transfer printing products.
If you do sublimation printing business, all the materials and equipment you need can be found here. Get all your need in just "one stop".
Skyimage is your best selection of promotional items, apparel and corporate gifts business.


Are you busy and don’t have time to chase and track multiple contacts in each location? Then here is your ultimate choice. You don't have to go to multiple companies, you only need to go to one location to meet all your needs.

Bringing parts and services together in one business at one location was a paradigm shift in the industry, it created a huge value proposition for customers. The only thing you need to do is take care of your customers, your business, and we will take care of you.

What will you benefit from one-stop purchase?

* Use your total purchasing power to get lower prices.
* For the next combined order, only one delivery and one invoice will be received.
* Save time by managing only one key supplier relationship.
* Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating deliveries from multiple suppliers.


We provides one stop solutions for a large number of applications in the sublimation printing industry, with a product range suitable for different production process stages.
Technical Experience: Over the years, SUBLISTAR has assembled an incredible team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers and technicians. These people provide Sublistar with technical and competitive advantages.
Industry Experts: By cooperating with many successful customers, SUBLIST has gained knowledge and expertise in many fields. We use this knowledge for equipment design and can provide valuable business knowledge as a whole service.
Made in Profesion: We integrate all aspects of the manufacturing process, including manufacturing, processing, welding, spraying, assembly, quality control and testing. No outsourcing! Everything is done in a professional way.


The rise of the fast-fashion textile industry has gradually changed the supply of fabrics from the previous bulk futures supply to the small spot supply.
Compared with traditional printing, digital printing is not limited by pattern and order quantity, and is more suitable for the fast fashion trend of small batches and multiple varieties in the textile and apparel industry, and is widely used worldwide.
At the same time, the worldwide digital printing technology from basic theory to production equipment, from application technology to dye development, and even equipment, color control methods, and software are under comprehensive research and development.
Among all printing methods, dye sublimation is becoming a new choice for fast fashion printing due to its unique cost advantage and expressive advantage.
In the design of sportswear, patterns make the world of sportswear colorful. It is an indispensable artistic language and an important part of sportswear. In addition to the function and structure of sportswear, the appearance of patterns also makes sportswear more brilliant, The rapid presentation of colorful patterns in sportswear makes them personalized and fashionable.
Polyester is another common type of material used in sportswear. It is basically cloth made out of plastic fibers making it light-weight, wrinkle-free, long lasting and breathable. It is non-absorbent in nature, which means that your sweat is not absorbed by this cloth but left to dry on its own.
Sublimation is used to print on polyester and polyamide (lycra, nylon) fabrics. Which widely used for sportswear and outerwear along with mixed synthetic fabrics with a minimum 60% synthetic fibers. Sublimation printer is ideal for sportswear because the ink does not sit on top of the fabric. The dye particles are in the fabric, yielding a softer durable sportswear image.
Custom designs and custom images can now be made available to everyone at low prices. Pillows, curtains, wall decorations and even all home furnishings can have a personal touch inspired by the customer.
With the traditional method of printing, a high volume of the same design printed would make a printing job not effective; sublimation inks and digital printers can print one pattern or 1000 prints of the other, and this change is not the trial that it would be with traditional printing.
Heat transfer printing has the advantages of fast drying and not easy to fall off. The application of printing in furniture and textiles must also be harmless to human beings. Therefore, the modern printing home textile series is very popular, and this is also the trend of fashion.


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