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Dye-sublimation transfer printing can be applied to chemical fiber fabrics such as sportswear and uniforms. The principle is a process in which the dispersed dye ink sublimates into gas at a certain temperature and combines with the carrier. Sublimation ink is suitable for polyester, spandex and non-pure cotton fabrics (cotton content cannot exceed 30%, synthetic fiber fabrics contain at least 60%). By sublimating the pattern you designed to clothing, you can make your clothes brighter and more attractive, and the image will not fade or be torn.


Sublimation transfer of sportswear and uniforms specific subdivision

Sportswear and uniforms are a large category, including clothing of any sports type from jerseys to shorts. Exercise needs to stretch the body, which requires the fabric to be elastic. Spandex is very suitable for wrestling suits, track suits, dance suits, gym suits, swimming suits and speed skating suits, etc.


Advantages of sublimation application in sportswear and uniforms

1. Persistence: the image will not fade or fade

2. Robustness: the image will not be torn to enlarge or shrink

3. Bright colors: the pattern is printed on the clothes, more vivid

4. Color diversity: rich colors, strong selectivity, small restrictions

Dye-sublimation transfer technology can be applied to all aspects of life, not just sportswear and uniforms, it can be seen everywhere in life, you may never have noticed, and it may not be possible without our thermal transfer technology.


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