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Brief Analysis Of Dye Sublimation Printing
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Brief Analysis Of Dye Sublimation Printing

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Digital printing technology has developed rapidly. Therefore, it is an industry that integrates multiple industries. we can see screen printing factory now can provide digital printing, and sign shops also are able to offer apparel. We see that this type of industry adaptation has occurred with the emergence of eco-solvent printers, and now we can see this in dye-sublimation printers.

What is dye sublimation printing?

Dye sublimation transfer is to use an inkjet printer equipped with transfer ink to print an image on sublimation transfer paper in mirror reversal mode, and then heat it to about 230℃ by heat press calandra. The dispersed sublimation ink on sublimation transfer paper will penetrate into the carrier in the form of vaporization, so that the color of the image on the paper can be vividly transferred to fashion textiles, home decorations, banners, mugs, metals and other materials.

Advantages of dye sublimation printing

High-quality Print Output:

The main advantage of the sublimation printer lies in the photo-level print quality. 

Unique coating function:

The coating layer is a unique function of the dye sublimation paper. Since the sublimation printer is mainly used to print photo-level images, image printed on coated transfer paper, the overall color feeling will be brighter and more vivid. It also has the functions of waterproof and anti-oxidation.

Seldom block print heads:

Dye sublimation printing machine does not have the problem of ink drop spreading like UV, DTG, and the printing accuracy is very high. There are no ink dots, and there will be no nozzle clogging problem with thermal transfer ink, as we all know, sublimation ink use dispersed water-based ink, no need use white ink, keep daily maintenance, print heads seldom get clogging.


Of course, it also has limitations. Dye sublimation transfer printing only works with polyester-based fabrics. No work for 100% cotton! This is because the ink only binds to polyester material. Besides, sublimation print is a dye process, therefore it's perfect result on light color substates.

What you need pay attention to when sublimation printing? 

1. Have a clean working environment:

1). The sublimation paper should be kept clean and free of dust, fingerprints, oil, etc.;

2). Ensure fabric etc substrates clean and free from dirt, debris, oil and other dirt;

2. Heat transfer temperature:

The heat transfer temperature varies based on different materials, heat press device, and the temperature of heat press area. Do not blindly pursue the higher or (the lower, the better) heat transfer temperature. Generally, the temperature is between 170°C and 240°C.

3. Heat transfer pressure:

The heat transfer pressure should be adjusted to the most appropriate level. If the pressure is too large, it is easy to damage the printed product. If it is too small, it cannot achieve better transfer effect. After adjusting to the best hot stamping pressure, the pressure adjustment should be locked to avoid changes in mass production.

4. Heat transfer time:

The transfer speed should be determined according to the specific substrates. Generally, the faster the speed, the higher the production efficiency. 


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