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Dye-Sublimation Ink
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Dye-Sublimation Ink

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Dye-Sublimation Printing - Lean SublimationDye-sublimation was invented in 1957 and has become prominent in the 21st Century. Essentially, the process uses heat to turn water-based inks (which are in the solid phase at the time) into gases which bond with polyester and other polymer materials. This process specifically dyes the polymer molecules with the water-based inks. dye sublimation inkjet ink for epson piezo head4.Super black dye sublimation ink, easy to get super darkness fiber. 5.Excellent light fastness, vivid color stay outdoor 2 years. 6.Added stable moisture solvent without clogging problem even print 24 hours a day, piezo nozzel check still 100% . FinishingThe sublimation coating process is sort of an "iron-on coating". You print an image onto paper using special dyes in an ink-jet printer, hold it against another object, and apply heat. The dyes/inks that you used in the ink jet printer then sublimate, i.e., turn to gas, and are absorbed onto the surface you are coating. Dye Sublimation Ink Dye sublimation ink is a dye that is printed onto specific items, such as t-shirts, mugs, plaques, coasters, and more, via heat and pressure. Heat and pressure help convert the dye into a gas state, without turning into liquid. Dye sublimation ink is high quality, water-proof ink. The ink does not smudge because of high temperature. In addition, dye sublimation ink lasts longer than other inks. As the imprints are dye-based rather than ink-based, the dye becomes part of the product. Dye sublimation ink has greater print accuracy and performance and delivers stunning results. Sublimated products will not crack, peel off or wash off.

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