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Dye Sublimation Paper-How to Store It Correctly to Extend Its Service Life?
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Dye Sublimation Paper-How to Store It Correctly to Extend Its Service Life?

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First of all, the review of what moisture does to dye sublimation paper. Your sublimation paper can retain an enormous amount of moisture, so revealing it to damp air is like establishing a sponge in a pool of water. Excess moisture in your paper is not a good idea as well as can cause troubles like shade shifting (colors shed accuracy), blood loss of the image, and also the irregular transfer of strong filled areas. If you can, keep your sublimation paper in a temperature as well as moisture regulated environment. If that isn't possible, attempt to stay clear of moisture relevant issues by keeping your sublimation paper sealed in a plastic bag.

If you paper is subjected to moist air as well as does take in some excess wetness, you have a number of alternatives. One is to set the paper on your press for a couple of secs. Do not push it. Just subject it to the heat. The warmth emitting from the press must assist evaporate a lot of the moisture. If you've already published a transfer you can try to save the transfer by heating it in your warm press. To eliminate the excess dampness, put the published transfer 2 ″ to 3 ″ listed below the warmth platen for 30-- 40 secs. When you do this, the result might be that the shades in the transfer show up rinsed or discolored. This is normal and also the anticipated result of shade modification for the transfer process.

As a general regulation, the optimum atmosphere for sublimation printing is one that has reduced humidity and also is sensibly cool. You might need to do some trying out to find the proper humidity as well as temperature levels for your certain climate.

1. When receiving the dye sublimation paper, the first things you need to do:

When the customer receives the dye sublimation paper roll, the customer ought to first examine from the look of the transfer paper in the transport procedure is harmed:


( 1 ). transfer paper plastic bags harmed and also loaded containers damp.


( 2 ). carton severe deformation, paper roll decreased.


( 3 ). product packaging container opening, leak transfer paper, etc. may influence the inkjet printing, such a transfer paper should take photos rejected.


2. Problems when the dye sublimation paper is used for printing:

( 1 ). print a good transfer paper, attempt to do rehearsal storage space.


( 2 ). print an excellent transfer paper, you can put a loosened plastic bag roll up after the upright, plastic bags open up to promote the transfer of water in the paper to the air volatile.

( 3 ). The published paper is preferably kept in a low humidity atmosphere (moisture ≤ 55% RH; temperature 15-30 ° C), which promotes the dissipation of wetness in the transfer paper.


( 4 ). Publish a good digital dye sublimation paper, the basic demands in an hour after the transfer, attempt to save 5 hours later on after the transfer, up until it can be moved to dry after drying out if there is no dry to move, Dampness at heats will end up being a heavy steam interference transfer effect, making the aerosol, color and so forth. To make certain that each batch of pattern drying out level near to the very same shade. (Moving promptly after publishing will certainly lead to a decline in the transfer price).


3. When storing dye sublimation paper roll, the most suitable environment :

(1). Sealed and stored


Adhesive sublimation transfer paper is specially developed for the sublimation transfer printing of elastic fabrics, which adds a binder to the coating. The transfer paper coating can be bonded to the fabric during thermal transfer, so as to avoid printing defects caused by the slippage of the paper and fabric during thermal transfer. A large amount of data indicates that the adhesive sublimation transfer paper without printing is not suitable for long-term exposure to the air. Because the flow of air is easy to sublime, the moisture in the transfer paper evaporates, and the loss of moisture will reduce its viscosity. Therefore, the viscous sublimation transfer paper must be sealed and stored, and the original plastic bag should be sealed and stored as soon as possible.


(2). Place in a cool place


Due to the viscosity of the sticky dye sublimation paper, it will be severely affected by the environment, especially the environmental humidity. Therefore, in the case of more water, the viscosity of the viscous sublimation transfer paper is greater. If there is less water, its viscosity will be less. According to this feature of the viscous sublimation transfer paper, this kind of high-selling sublimation transfer paper should be placed in a cool place when there are no used products. Do not place it in the sun, nor place it in an environment where the wind and wind conditions are too good. This will reduce its viscosity due to the evaporation or volatilization of water.


(3). Avoid storing in damp places


Sublimation paper is mainly used in combination with ink, so inkjet sublimation paper cannot be stored in a dark and humid place. Otherwise, the coloring ability of the ink will decrease when it is used again later. Moreover, it is prone to a large amount of water vapor when placed in a damp place. In severe cases, the material of the sublimation paper will melt, so that it cannot be used normally in the future.


(4). Avoid strong light


Sublimation paper is obviously different from ordinary paper. It is difficult for ordinary paper to have a big impact when exposed to strong light. However, if the sublimation paper is exposed to the sun, cracks will appear on the surface, and the material coating will fall off after a long time. The white sublimation paper is not too serious and can be used reluctantly, but the situation shown by the colored sublimation paper will be especially obvious.


(5). Keep away from fire


Under high temperature conditions, the pattern on the sublimation paper will melt. Because the adhesion of the pattern is mainly maintained by ink, it must be kept away from the fire source, and try not to store it in a room with a high temperature. When not in use, it can be sealed and stored in a cloth bag at a higher level. Do not directly contact the space to maintain the use effect of the sublimation paper.


The purchase of regular sublimation paper can have a good use effect, but it needs to be properly stored after the purchase to maintain its original shape. Otherwise, even if the quality of the sublimation paper is not well preserved, the quality will gradually deteriorate over time, and even serious coating peeling will occur. It should be stored in a dry but not high temperature room as far as possible without direct contact with the air.


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