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How Much Do You Know About 2 Common Rotary Drum Heat Press?
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How Much Do You Know About 2 Common Rotary Drum Heat Press?

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Rotary presses are typically manufactured two different ways and come in widths that range from 10–220″. The two types of presses are referred to as a roll-to-roll heat press and a cut part rotary press (the latter features a table). 1.Roll-to-roll heat press. This type of rotary press is used to transfer your designs on to a roll of fabric. Used Heat & Rotary Press for sale. Federal equipment & more. Roll to Roll & Pieces or Sheets. Belt Widths: 24" - 44" - 52" - 60" - 67" - 75" - 91" - 99" - 136" ( model sizes may vary ) Transfer full rolls of fabric at their full width, or just transfer multiple pieces at once. NEW 136" Heat Press. Speeds: from 2-12 ft/min or 0.5-4 m/min depending on machine sizes. Easy speed control . The new oil heated 7400 IJO SPORT series rotary heat press has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for cut part digital printing.This method is widely used to print sport and team apparel.The new oil heating system guarantees a uniform heat distribution across the width of the drum with a minimum of energy consumption. Our company specializes in selling thermal rotary heat-press, sublimation printer, sublimation paper, etc. Our company has an independent research and development center. Machines like this are used in many types of applications. You can use it for printing fabric rolls, creating signage, producing flags, working with cut part pieces for cut-and-sew apparel, and even for making .

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