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How do we understand sublimation ink?
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How do we understand sublimation ink?

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Sublimation ink is to print the thermal transfer ink on the transfer medium, then heat transfer to the target medium, and heat to fix the color. Most sublimation inks are water-based, and water-based sublimation inks can be used in various small-format desktop printers and large-format photo printers. The advantage is that it can be transferred to different media, not just paper. So how should we understand the sublimation ink?

The following content

  • What are the requirements for the sublimation ink transfer process

  • Which objects can the sublimation ink mainly transfer to

  • What is the difference between sublimation ink and thermal transfer ink

What are the requirements for the sublimation ink transfer process?

Sublimation ink is a kind of water-based ink. Different from other inks, dye sublimation inks need to transfer the color to the object through high temperatures to show the original color. At first, the color printed on the transfer paper was not the final color. But will show the original color after a period of high temperature. Moreover, sublimation ink is highly suitable for sublimation special paper. Sublimation special paper can not only absorb the sublimation ink evenly, but also completely release the absorbed sublimation ink from the paper under high-temperature conditions, and finally transfer the color to the surface of the transfer material. Although ordinary printing paper can also complete the transfer, the transfer speed, that is, the hue of the transferred item is slightly worse than that of sublimation paper.

Which objects can the sublimation ink mainly transfer to?

The thermal transfer process can also refer to the sublimation ink suitable for the transfer of cloth and the surface of hard objects that have been coated. The fabric is mainly polyester and polyester cotton, and the hard objects are resistant to high temperatures, such as film, metal, glass, porcelain, porcelain cups, PVC, etc... As long as the sublimation ink transfer materials are resistant to high temperatures, they can be used with thermal transfer coatings. Layers can be transferred through a dedicated ironing machine to complete the image transfer.

What is the difference between sublimation ink and thermal transfer ink?

Through the comparison of the two, we can easily see that sublimation ink has many advantages, mainly including complete chromatogram, bright color, good color strength, good color fastness, washing degree above 4.5, good ink fluency, no toxic side effects, Pollution-free, environmentally friendly and professional.

In addition, the image transferred by thermal transfer ink is not only colorful, but also rich in layers, and its effect is comparable to printing. Different from sublimation ink, a thermal transfer is to sublime the thermal transfer ink at high temperature and penetrate the medium, the surface after sublimation can form an image. Therefore, no glue film will be formed on the surface of the medium. Therefore, the printed image will not only not fall off or crack, but also has strong light resistance and can keep the color for a long time.

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