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How do we use the sublimation ink?
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How do we use the sublimation ink?

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Sublimation ink is to print the sublimation ink on special paper. By heating, the image can be made on exquisite porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber cloth, and other materials in the shortest time, with photo-level quality, vivid colors, and images. It is clear and can be stored permanently. Sublimation ink is very suitable for the market needs of personalized development, such as photo studios, scenic spots, souvenirs, handicrafts, clothing printing, printing and dyeing factory proofing, large-scale digital inkjet printing systems, color image heat transfer banners, advertising flags, etc., are widely used in photo machines and sublimation banner machines. So how should we understand the sublimation ink?

The content includes the following:

l What are the specific requirements for dye sublimation ink preparation?

l How to operate the sublimation ink process to print hard objects?

l How to operate the dye sublimation ink process to print fabrics?

What are the specific requirements for dye sublimation ink preparation?

Different from other inks, sublimation inks need to transfer the color to the object through high temperatures to show the original color. The color printed on the transfer paper at first is not the final color, and it takes a certain period of high temperature to show the original color. Therefore, the surrounding air temperature should be kept in compliance with the conditions during use. In addition, sublimation ink must be equipped with special paper for dye sublimation. The sublimation special paper can evenly absorb the sublimation ink, and can completely release the absorbed sublimation ink from the paper under high-temperature conditions, and transfer the color to the surface of the transfer object.

How to operate the sublimation ink process to print hard objects?

(a) Install the continuous ink supply system dedicated to the sublimation of "Painting Mania" and check whether the nozzles are normal;

(b) Turn on the dedicated ironing machine, and set the control panel parameters to the appropriate temperature or time according to the type of transferred item. Different sublimation ink equipment has different parameters for different transferred items, so you should combine it with yourself. Experience selection, testing, equipment preheating, and at the same time adjusting the pressure knob to make the pressure of the plate reach the best state;

(c) Sublimation ink transfer articles are evenly sprayed with a sublimation coating, which can be dried naturally in a sealed and clean environment, or you can choose a suitable temperature and time in the oven to accelerate the drying of the coating. In short, the coating must also be resistant to high temperatures of;

(d) Finally, use the printer to output the image. The image must be mirrored and dry for a few minutes after output.

How to use the sublimation ink process to print fabrics?

The sublimation ink process is different from printing hard objects with sublimation ink. After printing the fabric with sublimation ink and drying for a few minutes, you need to lay the fabric to be transferred flat on the machine, and then print the image face down and place it on the fabric. Finally, press the joystick of the ironing machine, pressing it at a time. After a certain period, pull the rocker and quickly take out the sublimation ink transfer paper, and finally take out the printed finished fabric.

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