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Pigment Textile Printing Ink for DTF Printer (C/M/Y/K/W)
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Pigment Textile Printing Ink for DTF Printer (C/M/Y/K/W)

DTF textile ink is developed with the latest European technology system, it is made from polymeric, high-soluble resin, and new paste pigment. This product is suitable for printing packaging, advertisements, labels, high-quality brochures, and decorating products on art paper, coated paper, offset paper, cardboard, etc., especially suitable for medium and high-speed printing.
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Product Description



Colors C, M, K, Y,W
Volume  1L per bottle
Durable Outdoor life 1-1.5 year


Products Features:
1. Environmental-friendly and safe, low odor, passed the ROHS certification standards.

2. Good media adaptation, good tinting and high gloss.

3. Vivid color, wide color gamut, print products with more than 1 year weatherability.

4. With good stable storage stability



( 1 ) Excellent Fluency
According OEM ink +/-0.03 to be produced, smooth printing with nozzle, never clog head, even machine turn off in a long-time ;

( 2 ) Brilliant Color:
With strictly selected imported raw material, high color saturation, wide color gamut;
Excellent vivid color reducibility, realistic effecting ;

( 3 ) Strong Adhension :
Super quick drying time is ideal for highly productive businesses, scratch-proof ;

( 4 ) Durability
above 24 month, Anti-UV, anti-oxidation, avoid fadeless ;

( 5 ) Slightly Smell
Wide using of world, non-poisonous, Little smell without any HAPS ( MSDS report ) ;

( 6 ) Save Cost
Ink running costs are low, keeping your profit margins high ; ;

( 7 ) High Quality
Stable quality with the market testing and continously imporving

1. Store in cool and dry place, avoid freezing and keep away from direct sunlight.

2. Only professional person operates.

3. Don't mix with other kinds of ink when used, when using the first time, please full clear the print head and ink pipeline in the printer.

4. Open the ink cartridge or ink bottle just before installing it in the machine. Be sure to thoroughly consume the ink in the ink cartridge, once it is opened, finish within three months. If an extended period of time has passed away after opening the cartridge tank, printing quality would be poor. Cover the bottle or cartridge when open seal and not finish, do best to exposure to air.

5. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. Do not ingest or inhale, After use, wash hands with soap and water.

6. If you get ink in your eyes, immediately wash your eyes with a lot of clean water for at least 15 minutes. In doing so, also wash eyes to rinse ink away completely. Then, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

7. If anyone drinks ink by mistake, keep him or her quiet and see a doctor immediately. Do not allow him or her to swallow the vomit. After that, contact the Poison Control Center.

8. If you inhale a lot of vapor and feel bad, immediately move to a location of fresh air and then keep yourself warm and quiet. Then, consult a doctor as soon as possible.


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