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Rotary Heat Press
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Rotary Heat Press

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A heat press is a machine that is designed to imprint designs, graphics, or other media onto a substrate with heat and pressure. Heat presses are most commonly used to press designs onto t-shirts to create custom shirts or other apparel. The press uses heat and pressure for a predetermined amount of time to press the design onto the substrate. While heat presses are most commonly used for t-shirts, there are many different uses for heat presses. The type of work you plan on doing will determine which heat press is going to be best for you. With a full digital LCD control, this heat press is going to be easy to operate for beginners. It has built in structural supports to make the heat press more stable, providing a safer operation. A full 360 degree swing away design also aids in providing a safe use. You will get a one year warranty on the control and heating plate along with lifetime online tech support. The machine provides new design principle, which makes standardization, modularity and series design come true. The characteristic of machine is high-precision, sub high-speed and automation. It is suitable for high output and large batch production. Selecting punches and dies with different specifications, Tablets in circular shape, abnormal shapes, with printed patterns and characters can be pressed.

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