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Rotary Heat Press
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Rotary Heat Press

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Easty SOT Rotary Heat Press is leading sublimation calender Oil Heat Press for dye sublimation, it is equipped with many unique features, making it ideal choice for various roll to roll sublimation jobs Rotary Heat Press SOT is entry level small format heat transfer machine. It is able to lower cost to handle small production of roll-to-roll or cut piece dye sublimation jobs. Easty SOT heat press occupies small workplace and only one operator is needed, which saves power and labor cost. The best heat press machines allow you to transfer your designs to t-shirts, mugs, hats and more. They can be essential tools for anyone wanting to turn their art and design into a business, or simply to add some interest to their own wardrobe. While it's possible to use a simple iron to transfer vinyl, the best heat press machines were designed specifically with this task in mind. They offer even pressure, adjustable temperatures, and in-built timers to make sure your projects are completed consistently, time after time. You'll notice that some of the best heat presses in our guide can also be found in our best Cricut machine feature. From the classic EasyPress 2 to the Mini, Cricut heat presses are perfect for crafters or those who are starting small-scale projects. However, for anyone working with larger fabrics, we've also included 15-in-1 industrial-style presses that come with attachments to work on mugs, baseball caps, and even oversized shirts and hoodies. For alternatives to the different types of craft machines produced by Cricut, see our guide to the best Cricut alternatives.

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