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Rotary Heat Presses
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Rotary Heat Presses

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Heat Press are affordable, easy-to-use Rotary Heat Press for various continuously transfer & dye sublimation print onto the fabric, which makes transferring any large job quick and easy. Now we provide wide ranges selection to ensure you got the right heat transfer machine. A. Multi-function Calendar Heat Press: calenders come with feeding table and can be used for roll by piece, roll to roll, piece to piece jobs, widely used for sportswear, garment, flags, textile production, models include EMT, EST, MOT, SOT, TTM, EOT B. Roll-to-Roll Calendar Press: calenders with 3 pairs roll to roll system to make sure mass production jobs, and one operator can handle the machine, widely used for flags, beddings, blanket, etc., models include ERT, ERT-H, RTR, TTM oil calender was developed for image transfer by means of heat using the sublimation technique in continuous operation. Calenders The Eurotec sublimation calenders are the ideal machines to achieve optimum quality printing by applying sublimation ink technology.

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