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Rotary Heat Presses
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Rotary Heat Presses

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entry level Rotary Heat Press SOT series for sublimation heat transfer features a 200mm size heating drum, filled with oil, which distributes heat evenly across the drum. It can handle small production of roll-to-roll or cut piece heat transfer. Moreover, the machine occupies a small workspace and requires only one operator. It reduces expenses in terms of power and labour. • It is suitable for making samples by roll-to-roll or piece-by-piece. There are three pairs of feeding and take-up rolls. • The heating roller is stainless steel and machined to ensure smoothness of the roller’s surface. A Teflon coating on the drum allows for uniform heating. In addition, more than 70% of the roller surface is covered by the transfer blanket, enabling it to reduce heat loss and ensure a great transfer. • The machine is designed for top feeding of paper and materials, which allows for easier cut piece placement and keeps fabric feeding more precise, which lowers the waste during the transfer process.

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