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Sublimation Coating Machine
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Sublimation Coating Machine

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Suitable for comma blade coater、air knife coater、bent blade coater In order to better meet customer needs, our chemicals can also be customized, According to the customer's machine, coating method to adjust the formula. There are a few compelling reasons why you might want to search for the best sublimation printers instead of choosing between the many different models of inkjet and laser printers currently available. The first work case has to do with quality and convenience: Perhaps you simply want to buy a dye sublimation printer because you’re primarily interested in owning the best portable printer that can quickly and conveniently produce 4 x 6-inch glossy color photos of your digital images. For many of you, it’s quite possible that you’ve never even heard of sublimation (or dye sublimation) printers before, in which case you might be wondering: How does a dye sublimation printer work, and how does it differ, say, from the process inkjet printers use to create images and prints? Essentially, during the printing process, heat is applied to the three layers of solid ink dye (cyan, magenta and yellow) in the dye sub printer’s ink cartridge. On traditional dye subs, the layers of ink are also the same size as the paper. There’s an additional layer, as well, which contains the material used for a clear protective coating that’s put on at the end of the process. Once a section of the ink is heated, the three dyes are vaporized into gas and are transferred to the paper. The clear coating is then applied and the process is complete. However, sublimation printing can also be used to transfer photographic images onto fabric, like t-shirts, and hard materials, like specially manufactured ceramic mugs. To do this kind of dye sub printing, you first create a graphic or photo and produce a dye sub print (which is printed in reverse) onto transfer paper. Once the ink is dry on the transfer paper, the photo or graphic can then be transferred on to an object by heating it. Heat is applied to the dye sub ink dye, at which point they’re vaporized and transferred to an object. So, when you buy a sublimation printer, you’ll want to be clear on what you’ll be using it for and how often. Then, look at the various printer features and capabilities to narrow the focus of your search.

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