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Sublimation Coating Machine
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Sublimation Coating Machine

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Printing Press Machine, Printer Sublimation Machine for T-Shirts, Hat, Mug, Plate, Cap, with Digital Display and 360-Degree Swing Ar 2,340. . This 5 in 1 heat press machine are a thick teflon coating over the heat plates, which assists in damage prevention on your workpieces.And . Sublimation Coating Spray Quick Dry Prep Sublimation Fluid Spray For .2. The coating helps resist abrasion, scratches, rubbing and ink smudging. 3. The sublimation coating provides a beautiful shine and the coating is smooth to the touch, providing a pleasant tactile experience. 4. No mixing required, spray it directly onto the fabric. It offers a beautiful glossy sheen, soft touch and vibrant colors. This invention relates to a process for sublimation transferring a pattern on polyurethane surface and polyurethane products transferred therefrom. When a wet-dry or dry polyurethane surface was subjected to sublimation transfer the polyurethane surface adhered to the transfer paper due to the elevated temperature. Thus it was impossible to separate the polyurethane surface form the transfer paper. To solve this problem of the prior art, one-component polyurethane is mixed with solvents to make the mixture a liquid, and drying it gives polyurethane products. As shown in Figure 5a, the polyurethane surface can be easily separated from the transfer paper. A one-part clear coating to convert virtually any heat and pressure tolerant material into a sublimatable substrate. Best with hard substrates such as ceramic tiles, metal, wood, glass. SubliGlaze Clear sublimation coating is an aerosol product, and application is simple.

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