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Sublimation Coating Machine
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Sublimation Coating Machine

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Sublimation paper coating machine Mainly include single station release paper unit, blade coating, pneumatic open type hot air drying system, back coating wet Mizube, dryer coherent states finishing department, two roll calender machines, single station automatic correction reel, drive unit and electrical control nine parts. Drives with frequency step motor drive. The sublimation coating machine has a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, loss of paper rate, etc.Watchband decoration PVD vacuum coating machine Sublimation requires at least 65% polyester, but this sublimation spray for 100% cotton claims it will allow you to get the permanency, vibrant colors, and no-hand feel of sublimation even on a shirt or garment that has 0% polyester. It's easy to see that the two images in the bottom row don't have the sublimation spray and aren't nearly as vibrant. However, the temperature and amount of cotton sublimation spray paint doesn't seem to make much of a difference, but the real test will be after the towel is washed and dried...and repeatedly. How does a sublimation coating spray stay stable in the laundry room? After the first round through the washer and dryer, it was clear that the sublimation spray was definitely better than sublimating on 100% cotton without it.

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