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Sublimation Coating Machine
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Sublimation Coating Machine

Sublistar Sublimation Coating Machine has with special design, satisfying the demands of jumbo roll, high speed, and huge loading weight. Can be equipped with high-quality adhesive labels and paper etc material slitting and rewinding.
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Product Description

Sublimation paper coating machine:

Mainly include single station release paper unit, blade coating, pneumatic open type hot air drying system, back coating wet Mizube, dryer coherent states finishing department, two roll calender machines, single station automatic correction reel, drive unit and electrical control nine parts. Drives with frequency step motor drive. The machine has a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, loss of paper rate, etc.


Paper-unwinding stand using hydraulic twin-roll paper-unwinding stand, equip with automatic splicer, replacement raw paper roll no need stop machine, provides efficiency and reduce paper damage probability.

Drying system using double - sided blow drying box . paper uniformity be heated . avoid since uneven heating paper deformation, effect of paper quality .

Calender machine: after coating, paper get in calender machine, maximum extent improve paper gloss and smoothness. paper gloss average 65-85%, after calender machine, can improve to 90-95%.

Paper reeling machine using horizontal paper reeling machine, high speed, high quality roll paper.

Drive system using electric motor drive, speed control by frequency variation, speed accuracy, high stability.

Electrical control using electric cabinet and pneumatic valve, easy to operation and use.


PLC control, simple operation, less noisy.

High working speed, and the speed can be customized design

High quality air knife, long using life

Equiped with thermocouple electronic display to show oven temperature


Specification (customizable)1000130016002000

speed of machine(m/min)20-150

thickness of substrate(μm)25-150

thickness of Coating(μm)10-50

Coating methodsGravure coating;mayer-bar coating;Comma Roller

temperature of oven(oC)150

heating modeselactricity;heat conduction oil, steam; hot air


Suitable for digital printing,coating treatment for applied paper


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