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Sublimation Transfer Paper-The Things You must to Know Before Buying
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Sublimation Transfer Paper-The Things You must to Know Before Buying

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The application of sublimation transfer paper is very wide, such as mugs, hats, scarves, printing, textiles and other industries. Before entering the dye sublimation industry and buying dye sublimation, you must understand the dye sublimation paper. The following five steps will take you quickly to understand the sublimation paper.


1.What is Sublimation Transfer Paper? 

Sublimation transfer paper is a special paper specially used for dye sublimation printing. It is made of paper substrates generally based on plain paper. The special paint added to the paper can hold the dye sublimation ink.


2.How to Use Sublimation Paper?


First of all, you need to select the picture to be printed, and then select the sublimation paper to be printed on a large or small gram. Use the printer to print the pattern on the sublimation paper. After the ink is dry, you can choose a heat press for transfer. Put the sublimation paper on the fabric (usually polyester fabric), select the temperature and time, and the transfer is completed.


3. Which Side of The Sublimation Paper is on The Right Side of The Print?

When deciding which side to print on the dye sublimation transfer paper, it is important to print the design on the bright white side. You will find that the color looks pale on the sublimation paper. This is completely normal, not the appearance of the finished printer. Once transferred to your media, your colors will come to life! Compared with transfer printing, another advantage of sublimation is a larger color range.


4. Why Can't Sublimation Transfer Paper be Used on All Printers?


There is a reason for the recommended paper type that comes with the printer, because different papers do different things. Not just because of the way the sublimation paper is constructed, all printers can use it. Printers come with recommended paper types for a reason, For sublimation paper, it is this kind of paper that can maintain the printing effect on the page. The sublimation ink becomes a gas, which is then pressed into paper to form permanent, highly detailed marks.


The fact is that many printers do not have printer heads or ink cartridge options available for the sublimation process. As a result, not all printers can handle it.


5. Can The Sublimation Transfer Paper be Reused?


No matter which type you use, you cannot reuse inkjet sublimation transfer paper. Although using sublimation paper, you may find some ink remaining on the paper, but this is not enough to produce high-quality printing paper. When using transfer paper, the heat of the iron will melt the plastic lining on the paper, thereby transferring the ink and the plastic on the paper to the fabric. This will not be reused.


6. How does Sublimation Transfer Printing Job?


Sublimation doesn't make use of any kind of fluid while doing so. Inks heated up from their solid-state on the sublimation paper, convert straight to a gas. It is a printing method that bonds to poly fibres, as well as due to the fact that the poly fibers have actually been heated up, the pores broaden. These open pores after that allow the gas into them, which after that integrates to the textile itself, before resuming its solid-state. This makes the ink component of the fibers themselves, instead of just a layer printed on the top.


7. What Are the Steps of Utilizing Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper to make a Tee shirts?


Sublimation is a two-step process. To start with, you need to print your layout onto the sublimation paper, utilizing specialist sublimation dyes. The image would certainly require to be mirrored, yet do not worry about that, It does that for you when you position your order, so all you need to do is create your design as you want it to look when it's completed.


After that you require to press the style from your paper onto your tee (or fabric or surface area). This is done making use of a heat press which uses either heat as well as stress, or heat and also a vacuum cleaner. Once pressed, just get rid of the transfer paper, as well as voila, your tee shirt is printed.


8. Does Inkjet Sublimation Transfer Paper Transfer onto Dark Textile?


Sublimation is ideal matched to white or light-coloured fabric bases. You can use it on darker shades, nevertheless, it will certainly impact your colours. White ink is not made use of in sublimation printing. White parts of the layout continue to be unprinted which reveals the base colour of the textile.


The advantage of sublimation over warmth transfer printing is that there is a much wider range of colours. This means that you can publish your history colour onto the material instead of make use of a various coloured fabric, and also because of the advanced printing techniques, the product would certainly feel precisely the exact same.


9. Is Warm Sublimation Transfer Paper Roll Conscious Humidity in The Air?


Sublimation paper holds a massive quantity of dampness and also damp air is not terrific for it. Direct exposure to moist air triggers the sublimation paper to absorb it like a sponge. This results in image blood loss, unequal transfers as well as colour moving.


Heat transfer paper is also sensitive to moisture. The inkjet or laser printing is much more prone to dotting and colour blood loss if there is too much moisture in the paper, and as this kind of printing uses a movie, as opposed to being textureless, you may locate that the transfer is not level, or curls or peels at the edges.


10. How To Get The Most Effective Arise from Digital Sublimation Transfer Paper


Recognizing the clinical response to "What is sublimation paper?" isn't enough to get terrific outcomes with this printing approach. You additionally require to understand a bit concerning how to pick the appropriate materials and printer, in addition to how to correctly transfer and also care for your new things.


If your sublimation paper of choice offers directions that vary from those listed below, proceed and also adhere to the supplier's guidelines. But for most sublimation paper, these suggestions will help you obtain top quality results every time.



If you're preparing your very own sublimation transfer job, you could wonder what is sublimation paper made use of for when it comes to products.


Well, similar to sublimation paper itself makes use of a polyester coating to record the ink, your printable materials must also include polyester or an additional polymer. Fortunately, polymers are just one of the most usual and flexible products available.


Polyester tee shirts are very easy to locate as well as make an excellent canvas for sublimation paper. You can also discover things like cups, precious jewelry, coasters, and also more that feature a poly-coating. Every one of these items are great candidates for printing with sublimation paper.



After printing your photo on the textile sublimation transfer paper, you can start the transfer procedure. That is where your warm press is available in.


For a lot of brand names of sublimation paper, you'll require to warm your press to 375 to 400 degrees. However, this can differ, so see to it to ascertain the items you've chosen for your project.


To prepare your printing surface, press for three to 5 secs to release excess dampness and also get rid of creases. After that, securely put your sublimation paper, image side down. Place Teflon or parchment paper in addition to the sublimation paper.


Relying on your specific task, you'll most likely need to allow the transfer process for 30 to 120 secs. As soon as the transfer is complete, though, you wish to eliminate the project from the warmth press as swiftly as possible.




To keep your sublimation transfer project looking wonderful for as long as feasible, you'll want to follow some simple care instructions.


Given that heat is such an important part of the transfer process, you generally want to prevent applying heat to your finished task. That includes cleaning it in cool water and preventing contact with irons, dishwashing machines, and more. You should additionally maintain the moment your job remains in water to a minimum.


If you can, such as with a tee shirt, turn your task inside-out before cleaning. It will help the style last even much longer.


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