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The Roller Heat Transfer Machine-How to Maintain and Operate It?
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The Roller Heat Transfer Machine-How to Maintain and Operate It?

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Rollerl heat transfer machines are commonly used machines for sublimation printing. Large heat press machines are not very cheap, so they need to be maintained and operated correctly. Please see some tips shared below.


What is a roller heat transfer machine? 


It's a sublimation roller heat transfer machine with a running roller and bottom conveying that has a simultaneous tooth that attaches both the roller and also bottom ironing cloth to ensure regular operation. 


The machine has a three-meter long double-deck table with a conveyor belt near the bottom. As a result of the structure of it, publishing roll products in addition to sheet products, are done comfortably. It's an even convenient option for transferring the layout to a large piece of material. 


There is a cylinder that is warmed by oil temperature level. It makes sure of high-temperature accuracy, heat conservation control system, in addition, to correct securing for the finest productions. 




1. The equipment offers a step-less rate with readjusting options. And the electronic temperature level in addition to the rate controller for extra effective manufacturing. 

2. It features a pneumatically-driven automatic anti-deviation gadget with a stress controlling device that readjusts the series of tension as well as the harmony of stress. 

3. Its timing shutdown tool routine cooling time avoids creating damage to its really felt belt. When the operation is finished, the power-off protection feature shuts down the device. 

4. If there is any type of unforeseen power failing, its protection system immediately eliminates the really felt strip from the heating roller to avoid it from burning. 

5. The automatic separation system makes it very easy to divide the waste from the transfer printing paper. 

6. It is furnished with a pressurized system to fulfill various working needs of a wide array of products. 

7. The individual can put fabric, transfer paper, as well as protecting paper at the same time for practical transfer printing paper. 


How to operate the roller heat transfer machine?


Although the design and building and construction appear complicated, running such a roller heat press machine is quite very easy. With some fundamental technological skills, anyone can operate the equipment. 


At first, you need to switch on the 'power switch' which is pretty much the same as whatever machinery you are handling. The next step is to activate the 'running switch'. It permits the roller to start rolling. 


After that, before you placed something on the belt to sublimate, readjust the speed governor to run the conveyor belt gradually. Additionally, change the temperature level controller to the required setting. Lastly, switch on the 'home heating button' to make everything ideal to begin functioning. 


The roller will begin to warm up. During summer, it will certainly take 20 to half an hour; as well as 30 to 40 minutes in winter months. The general warm stamping temperature level is 1350; you require to change the temperature based on your project's requirements.


For the air pressure option, you require to readjust the 'pressure managing valve' as well as 'stress control shutoff' on the left and appropriate sides to guarantee ideal stress. 


The tips of maintaining roller heat transfer machine


Down below are a couple of suggestions that we believe will be practical for you. Continue reading if you wish to keep your roller heater press machine comfortable. 


1.During Operation


(1). When you turn off or shut down the digital roller heat transfer machine for a very long time, pay close attention to its upkeep part. Throughout the shut-off state, the warm roller is covered with silicone oil, which may trigger the cloth to smear with plant pollen pollution. 

(2). If the circumstance demands you to retire the substratum, press the 'reverse rotation' button. Press the button better to allow it to run smoothly. 

(3). When the operation quits, switch on the 'timed closure' switch to allow the device to shut off after 60 mins. Within the duration, the machine will help with air conditioning.

(4). During an unforeseen power failure, be sure to press the 'stress switch' 'loosened belt switch' and also lower the pressure shaft that will enable it to move backward and also separate the belt from the heated roller. It will certainly stop the really felt belt from high-temperature damage. 


2.Daily Maintenance


(1). Make sure constantly to oil all the bearings of the machine.

(2). On a regular basis clean the dust from all devices of the machine.

(3). If you locate dust in the circuit card as well as in the followers, taking into consideration blowing the dirt with an air gun.

(4). After a few months of use, you could find the oil storage tank vacant. Take into consideration refueling the tank prior to it disrupts operation. 

(5). You can just refuel the container with 3 liters of oil at a time. 

(6). Prior to starting the equipment put the gas right into the storage tank. Do not warm it yet. Prior to warming the maker up, permit the oil to move into the bottom of the tank. Wait till the temperature level reaches to inspect whether there is any kind of oil in the storage tank or otherwise. 

(7). When you utilize the generator reducer, pay attention to the user's manual. After using it for a long period of time, there can be some noise. 

(8). Take into consideration replacing the oil regularly. Eliminate and screws and release the oil as well as replace it with the very same quantity of oil. It's advised to change the oil after 200 hrs of functioning to make sure a continuous flow of work. 

(9). If you entail the equipment in long high-temperature procedures, it could leakage a percentage of oil; do not freak out, it's rather normal. 


3.Equipment Break down 


There are two kinds of machine malfunction issues that occur to roller warmth press makers: non-stop working as well as quit working. 


Handling of non-stop functioning breaks down: 


(1). When discovering a heating blanket with the small stuff, you can clean it with a brush. If can not, you can remove it when it quits.

(2). When finding a blanket with little red stripes, you can utilize a small stone to grind it. If can not, you must send it to fix it. Yet it's hardly ever to appear such a problem.

(3). If you find the color distinction between both sides and the middle area, you can readjust the stress on both sides, or adjust the space in between the roller drum and also buried. 

(4). If you discover the components are losing during functioning, you ought to attach the screw in time. 

(5). If you locate the heating press with incorrect layouts, you can reduce the device.

(6). When locating the covering as well as conveyor belt drift away, you can change by hand, as well as our roller heat press device, has the automatic feature of variance modification for a blanket as well as a conveyor belt.

(7). When discovering the fabric with staining, you ought to activate the drying system to dry the material and also stay clear of the staining. 

(8). When finding the material or covering stress is too strong or too little, you need to adjust the rate between units or stress device in time, ensure proper tension. 

(9). When the dampness is unequal of the textile, you could readjust the pressure. 


The handling of quitting working malfunction: 


(1). If some sharp product right into the roller, stop it and take it out. 

(2). During heat transfer, if locate textile excessive thread, and also wind right into the roller, you must quit the maker and handle it in time. 

(3). When the blanket made use of for a long period of time, and the blanket too slim, home heating not constant, you must quit the machine as well as take it out to change a new one. 


Equipment upkeep: 


(1). Check screws, components, roller, axis, covering, etc often. 

(2). Before running the roller warm press machine, you need to make oil for the active components

(3). Clean the maker every week.


How to safely operate the roller heat transfer machine?


Maintaining safety and security while operating a textile roller heat transfer machine is essential. When anything fails, it influences the whole manufacturing. Oftentimes, technological mistakes resulted in devastating accidents in lots of markets. Consequently, you require to take care of the safety issues as you are collaborating with a roller heat press machine. 


1.Power Cord 


Power the machine by making use of the OEM cord only, which is provided by the manufacturer. OEM cord is made for managing such an enormous task. If you utilize 3rd party cable and also cable television, it might not be able to handle the tons as well as create fire and also electric shock. Likewise, if the power cord or cable is damaged, contact the solution center as well as replace it with OEM accessories only.


2.Third-Party Accessories 


When you need to utilize an additional power cable from 3rd party maker, see to it the complete varieties of Amps of both the added and the original power cable coincides.


 If there are various other tools plugged into the wall surface outlet, make certain you do not go beyond the ampere rating of that certain electrical outlet. 


3.No Clog 


There should be no clog or covering of the openings of the roller warm press device framework whatsoever. Or else, the clog will certainly cause the device to heat-up excessively and cause poor manufacturing performance.


4.Make the Equipment Steady 


You have to position the maker on the steady ground to prevent more disruption while running it. If the maker is slanted to some angle, it will impact the output top quality. 


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