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What are the functions of dye sublimition ink?
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What are the functions of dye sublimition ink?

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Print the dye sublimation ink onto the transfer paper. You print the sublimation ink to a ream of transfer paper. The ink will rapidly form a solid. Step #3. Utilize the roller for sublimation. The transfer paper is positioned facing a bolt of synthetic fabric. The two items are directed into a sublimation roller. Dye Sublimation Inks (Sawgrass & Siser) - Heat Transfer WarehouseThese are the best sublimation inks in the industry they are custom made by SawGrass to match and give you maximum output and color vibrancy for your sublimation printer. We sale sublimation inks for legacy printers Ricoh 3110 and Ricoh 7100. We stock sublimation inks for Sawgrass SG400 and SG800 and for future Sawgrass sublimation printers. Built from the ground up to serve the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, Epson dye sublimation printers are engineered to offer a combination of reliable operation, exceptional quality and blazing fast print output to help your business grow. Dye Sublimation Paper .In aqueous dye sublimation ink, water is the solvent in which the pigments and other ingredients are suspended, and the water will typically make up 30-95% of the weight of the ink. The dye particles make up 1-10% of the solution, and must have a melting point of 200 degrees Celsius or higher. 5% to 40% of the solution may be a co-solvent such . Essentially, the process uses heat to turn water-based inks (which are in the solid phase at the time) into gases which bond with polyester and other polymer materials. This process specifically dyes the polymer molecules with the water-based inks.

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