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dye sublimation ink
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dye sublimation ink

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Dye sublimation printing is one of the most underrated techniques for product decoration. While it may not be applicable for certain surfaces, this process fills many unique niches in the promotional printing market and is the ideal choice for printing on polyester fabrics and polyester resin coated products. Ink is designed to deliver enhanced performance on different print-head.Sublimation inks are made from high purity Low energy disperse dyes. Thus they offer excellent print-head performance and extended nozzle life. Also, the range of best sublimation ink is available for use with different types of sublimation papers. These Ink are fine-tuned to offer excellent release, vivid color, reduced cocking, long shelf life and much more. Deepest Black, Neutral Gray Tones, and High Sharpness make the Super-Sub® inks your ideal choice for your sublimation business. These inks are suitable for various applications of sublimation transfer printing. The process is distinctive in that it creates graphics by using inks – disperse dyes – in their gas form. First, graphics are printed onto transfer paper. Using a heat press, the transfer paper is then placed on the item you’re decorating. The heat allows the dried inks on the transfer paper to turn from a solid form into gas and penetrate the polyester fabrics. When heated, the polymers in the polyester encourage the inks to bond, which creates permanent graphics that are fully embedded into the material.

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