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sublimation printer

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All of the printers in this review are suitable for making sublimation transfers onto shirts, mugs, or other blanks at home or for business with the exception of the section “Best Dye Sublimation Printers for Photos.” Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for heat transfer. The Canon Selphy line uses dye-sub technology to print high-quality photos on photo paper but this printer can’t be used with sublimation paper to transfer printed images. Make sure you’re not just buying a photo printer if that’s not what you’re looking for. Once you have converted or set up an Epson inkjet printer (traditional cartridge or EcoTank) for sublimation printing you can’t go back to printing with normal ink on paper. You won’t be able to use your sub printer for inkjet printing and vice versa. Sawgrass printers are exclusively set up to do sublimation printing. No matter which model you choose you’ll need to complete a conversion to sublimation ink as they're designed as traditional inkjet printers. I have to admit the first time I heard this I was intimidated and just thought “no way, I’m just going to pony up for a Sawgrass.” Do not let the conversion hurdle get in the way of choosing an Epson! so we’re aware that there are a lot of questions that we have already answered; what is sublimation printing? How is it done? What does it mean? So far there have been very few downsides. There is, however, a catch. Sublimation on cotton just doesn’t particularly work. Or silk, or most natural fabrics. It’s ideal for t-shirts, great for hoodies, ideal for socks, providing they have a high polyester content. As a result, if you’re a 100% natural cotton aficionado, then sublimation printing might not be for you. If you’re happy with a poly-blend material – we recommend around 85% poly – then this really is the future of fabric printing.

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