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How do we know about the sublimation printer?
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How do we know about the sublimation printer?

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Among several types of thermal conversion printers, the latest output of sublimation printers is the best, but its disadvantage is that it requires high printing media, which directly leads to an increase in printing costs. So let us understand the sublimation printer together.

Here is the content list:

l The advantages of sublimation printers

l Disadvantages of sublimation printers

The advantages of sublimation printers

Dye sublimation is a very special development technology, which uses heat energy to transfer pigments to the printing medium. The shade of each color is controlled by the temperature change of the print head, and it can have a maximum of 256 levels. Because the pigment is applied to the paper in the gas phase through the sublimation process, the three primary colors can merge to form a continuous color gradation. The composite color gradation can reach 24bit, and the total can reach 16 million colors, which is compared with inkjet printers. The sublimation printer is more real. Yellow, red, and blue are the three primary colors we call daily. Any other color can be combined with these three primary colors. Sublimation printers achieve multiple colors and color depths through the combination of three colors. However, in the sublimation printing process of the sublimation printer, the three colors are not printed at the same time, but one color is used each time, and the required color requirements are combined through three printings. It is for this reason that the printing medium needs to pass through the printer 3 times during the printing process, which also makes the printing process of the sublimation printer relatively slow. After three times of coloring, there is a filming process. That is, the special material on the ribbon is sublimated on the three-layer color and attached to the paper surface to form a protective film. This film can make the color more bright and vivid, and has the ability to waterproof and anti-oxidize, which greatly extends The preservation time of photos is something that inkjet printers cannot do. Since the color sublimation printer does not have the problem of ink drop diffusion, it can achieve very good resolution. Its resolution of 300×300dpi is comparable to the printing accuracy of inkjet printers of 4800×4800dpi, while the popular digital processing technology on the market The output resolution of the printer is mostly 320dpi, so the sublimation printer's output photo effect is very close to the developed ones.

Disadvantages of sublimation printers

The sublimation printer adopts temperature control, and it can only print one primary color at a time, which means that the photo paper must be input three times for each photo. So in terms of speed, the sublimation printer can only be described as slow. In the business field, black text output is the most important, but this is precisely the biggest weakness of the sublimation printer because it is a mixture of four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) solid pigments, so black The purity is very low. In addition, sublimation printers are relatively delicate and sensitive to dust, and the temperature is extremely high during work, especially when printing continuously.

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