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How do we use the sublimation printer?
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How do we use the sublimation printer?

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Sublimation printers use thermal energy to the pigment is transferred to the print medium, the print head of each color gradation is controlled by the temperature change, there may be a maximum level of 256. Because the pigments of sublimation printers are applied to the paper in the gas phase through the sublimation process, the fusion of the three primary colors can form a continuous color gradation, which is much better than the ink droplets of inkjet printing. Sublimation printers are suitable for the delicate and delicate skin texture of portraits during printing, and they also have the characteristics of long-term storage and not easy to fade. Then, let's introduce in detail how do we use the sublimation printer?

Here is the content list:

l Continuous tone

l Print resolution

l Print speed

Continuous tone

The working principle of the sublimation printer is to set solid pigments of four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) on a drum. The drum is equipped with tens of thousands of semiconductor heating elements. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the solid pigment can be directly converted into a gaseous state, and then the gas can be jetted onto the printing medium. Each semiconductor heating element of the thermal sublimation printer can adjust 256 kinds of temperature, which can adjust the color ratio and the degree of shade, and achieve the effect of a true-color photo with continuous tone.

Print resolution

The print resolution of a sublimation printer is an important indicator to measure the print quality of the printer. It determines the degree of fineness that the printer can express when printing images. Therefore, to a certain extent, the print resolution rate also determines the output quality of the sublimation printer.

Three colors

Any other color can be combined with these three primary colors. Sublimation printers achieve multiple colors and color depths through the combination of three colors. However, in the dye-sublimation printing process, the three colors are not printed at the same time, but one color is used each time, and the required color requirements are combined through three printings. It is for this reason that the printing medium needs to pass through the printer 3 times during the printing process, which also makes the printing process of the sublimation printer relatively slow, but the high photo printing quality is enough to make up for this shortcoming.

Print speed

Sublimation printers are not suitable for printing text, forms, etc. Printing time is not a unique parameter of sublimation printers. The printing speed of laser and inkjet printers usually refers to the number of pages printed by the printer per minute, and the unit is expressed in PPM. At present, all printer manufacturers provide users with laser or inkjet printer products, and the marking speed is based on the printing speed as the standard measurement unit. However, because the printing technology used by sublimation printers is different from that of laser or inkjet printers, it generally prints less than one sheet per minute. Therefore, the printing speed of dye-sublimation printers is expressed in seconds. The printing speed of general sublimation printers is around 90 milliseconds. The first print time is slightly longer because of the need to preheat the heated print head.

The sublimation printer has the following characteristics: built-in structural support to maintain flatness; heat pipe die-casting qualified aluminum plate; electronic digital constant temperature control system; non-stick surface.

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