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How to use the sublimation paper?
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How to use the sublimation paper?

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Sublimation paper is a special printing paper that absorbs and retains ink. Sublimation paper consists of paper and a special polyester coating. This coating is the key to keeping the ink inside the paper.

When printing on this paper, the process is much like using a home printer and ordinary printing paper. Although the sublimation printer uses inkjet printing, you can't just use any ink.

You need to use special sublimation ink with sublimation paper. Without this special ink, your transfer project will fail. When the paper is placed on a blank surface and heated, the magic of transfer paper occurs. When heated, the sublimation ink will temporarily turn into gas. At the same time, the pores in the polyester coating will expand, allowing this gaseous ink to escape from the paper and deposit on the blank surface.

On the one hand, sublimation paper is a very fast and simple way to create your personalized T-shirts and other goods. From home craftsmen to professional printers, everyone uses this process. After understanding what is sublimation paper, we need to understand how it is used.

Here is content list:

l Prepare materials

l Transfer to sublimation paper

l Machine printed products

l Finished product maintenance

Prepare materials

Choose tightly woven fabrics for best results, and light-colored fabrics are also the best choice. The choice of the heat press depends on the effect you want to present. If you want a more refined product, you need to use a professional heat press. You can also choose a household heat press to accomplish some simple goals. Choose a suitable sublimation transfer paper. There are many types of sublimation paper to choose from according to your needs.

Transfer to sublimation paper

Now transfer the pattern you need to the sublimation paper. Note that the pattern should be printed on the white side. The pattern should be mirrored before printing. Be sure to use professional transfer inks. For complex patterns, you may even need to layer them. But the operation is not complicated.

Machine printed products

Turn on your heat-press, you need to preheat to a suitable temperature, which depends on the type of fabric. The general temperature is between 187 and 204 degrees Celsius. Ensure that the fabric is dry and smooth. Place the sublimation paper face down on the fabric. Use the splint of the hot press to fix them and press for 30 seconds. Turn on the heat press to quickly take out the clothes.

Finished product maintenance

Turn the fabric over to reduce unnecessary wear and tear. After cooling, use cold water to wash, prohibit the use of dryers, let him dry naturally, or use low-temperature drying. You don't want to see your customers buy a defective product, do you?

If you want to buy suitable and high-quality sublimation paper, I will recommend Nanjing Feiyue Paper's sublimation paper and Sublimation Printer . This is a professional printing paper production company from Nanjing, China. You can even buy a good heat press from them.

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