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What are the benefits of using a dye sublimation printer?
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What are the benefits of using a dye sublimation printer?

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The use of dye-sublimation printers has a special technology, that is, dye-sublimation technology. There are many advantages to using dye-sublimation technology to print. Then, what are the benefits of using dye-sublimation printers? Let us take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

lWith high-quality image and photo output function

lSuitable for a wide range of digital products

lFlexible and portable

lLow noise

With high-quality image and photo output function

Since the density of each color of the dye-sublimation printer is controlled by the temperature of the print head, and each print color point of the dye-sublimation printer can show a 256-level density change, the pigments are applied to the paper through the sublimation process. The fusion of the three primary colors can form a continuous color scale. Furthermore, since the color dye sublimation printer does not have the problem of ink drop diffusion, its actual resolution has reached a very ideal state. The 300dpi dye sublimation printing is equivalent to the effect of 4800×4800dpi color jet printing. Therefore, as far as the printing effect is concerned, the image printed by dye sublimation can be as delicate and smooth as a spray, and the color fidelity and reducibility of the printed image are better than that of inkjet printers and color laser printers.

When using a dye sublimation printer to output images, the printer will coat the image with a protective film. This coating function can be described as a unique function of the dye-sublimation printer. After the image is coated, the photo not only has the characteristics of waterproof and anti-oxidation. In terms of storage, the photo output by the dye-sublimation printer is much longer than that of the traditional inkjet printer, and it has the characteristics of long-term preservation without fading, and its overall color It feels brighter and brighter.

Suitable for a wide range of digital products

Dye sublimation printers can be said to be born for various digital devices. In addition to being connected to DC and outputting photos, dye-sublimation printers can also be connected and used separately with digital devices such as DV, mobile phones, and PDAs. Therefore, dye-sublimation printers are very useful. They are suitable for users who love digital fashion.

Flexible and portable

Dye-sublimation printers are generally small in size. Many products can be picked up and used with just one hand. Dye-sublimation printers can work independently from the computer. Many products even have built-in flash memory card readers and LCD screens. It is convenient for users to connect and use the dye-sublimation printer with digital equipment separately so that the dye-sublimation printer can be taken out for printing or fieldwork, and it is also very convenient for mobile use between regions.

Low noise

The working noise of the dye-sublimation printer is very small, which is completely satisfactory. Whether it is used in the office or taken out of the outdoor, the dye-sublimation printer will not produce noise disturbance.

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