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sublimation paper FAQ
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sublimation paper FAQ

  • What the reason lead sublimation paper crimping in process of priting?

    Crimping is mainly rub print head, effect the useful life of print head, and also is not convenience to cut the paper.
    1)The humidity of the paper too high.
    2)Air dryingDigital image color too deep.
    3)No coating at the back of paper
    4)The widest the paper is the easiest to crimp.
  • What’s about our sales volume and sales area?

    Our annual output and sales volume is about 100million square meters. 45% deomestic,55% overseas.
    We supply our sublimation paper (QD) to different industries in many foreign countries, such as sublimation paper importer, 
    consumable retailer. We are exporting to USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany, France, Romania, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, 
    Thailand, Spain, Japan, Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Thailand, India, Malaysia etc. We enjoy a good reputation in the world market. 
    In addition, we are continuously exploring the overseas market, and diligently being the outstanding supplier in the field of sublimation paper.
  • How to storage sublimation paper?

    Transfer paper storage conditions: waterproof, fire prevention, avoid light, pay attention to seal when not in use.
  • What’s about the transfer rate of our sublimation paper?

    Transfer rate depends on the ink residue on the paper . Come near Skyimage sublimation transfer paper. 
    Our clients is testing our sublimation paper transfer rate.
  • What’s the application of Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper?

    Sublimation heat transfer paper is used to transfer images to special processed
    chemical fiber,  polyester,  cotton content below 40% blended fabrics,
    mugs, banner , flag , ribbon , bags , cloths , ceramic , glass ,name plates, lanyards, mouse pads, license plates.

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