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100GSM 44"Sublimation Transfer Paper
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100GSM 44"Sublimation Transfer Paper

Sublimation Transfer paper is always used in sublimation mugs, phone cases, glass, or other sublimation projects. Often, an ink-jet printer is used to print an image on the paper. Then a heat press can transfer the image onto the mug's phone case, or other surface. also, it must use sublimation ink together. Sometimes different projects like cotton t-shirts need different paper for printing.
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Product Description


sublimation is a great professional way to personalize shirts, coasters, puzzles, mouse pads and more. It is similar to heat transfer, however it is a process where the image becomes an actual part of the item. Sublimation uses sublimation paper, ink and polyester-coated items that all react with each other. When heated to high temperatures, sublimation ink turns into a gas and the pores of the polyester coated item open up allowing the gas to enter. Then, once removed from the heat the pores of the polyester item close up trapping the ink inside of the item. Sublimation items are smooth to the touch. You won't be able to feel any image outline if you run your fingers across the sublimated item. 

100GSM 44


Width Length Core Qty Rolls/Pallet
432mm/17inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           168
610mm/24inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           120
914mm/36inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           88
1,118mm/44inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
1,270mm/50inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
1,320mm/52inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
1,370mm/54inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
1,524mm/60inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
1,600mm/63inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
1,620mm/64inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
1,820mm/72inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
1,900mm/74inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
2,400mm/94inch 100m/328ft/109yds 2inch/3inch           64
Other widths upto 2.4m and jumbo reel sizes available upon request.

100GSM 44

-Excellent and high transfer release
-High rub and scratch resistance of printed image
-Excellent High Saturation Detail Printing
-Consistent/even coating
-Superb uniformity


  1. Heat transfer dye sublimation paper
  2. Professional mate resolution
  3. 100% waterproof, instant dry
  4. Offer best printed quality from your digital camera or scans
  5. Work on all inkjet printers, sublimation printer,indoor printer
  6. Special ink: use sublimation ink to print
  7. Package: 100m per roll, 2 rolls in a carton, 100sheets per pack etc.
  8. Different format:A3 A4 17" 24" 36" 44" 63" 64" 70" 70" 126" OR as customers' requirement.
  9. Transfer the printed paper to fabric textile with good result.
  10. Bright color, washable
  11. Note: this kind paper must be printed by inkjet printers with sublimation ink, could not use on 100% pure cotton textile,if you want to transfer polyester cooton fabric or t-shirt garment, the cotton composition should be less than 30%.
  12. Sublimation paper is specialized paper for sublimation ink, natural color, transfer rate highly up to 95%.

100GSM 44

1. Polyester and polyamide fabrics, spandex, lycra, nylon used in sports apparel and outdoor clothing.
2. Plastic substrates like skis, snowboards, skateboards and surfboards.
3. Mixed synthetic fabrics(used in sports apparel and outdoor clothing) with a minimum polyester content of 60%.


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