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3.2m Super wide Sublimation Paper
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3.2m Super wide Sublimation Paper

For quicker sublimation printing, Sublistar sublimation transfer paper includes a microporous coating. A very efficient production process is ensured by instant-dry's extra-high ink absorption capacity, great durability, and outstanding efficiency. Excellent color brilliance on coated substrates and polyester textiles. Sportswear and functional textiles, fashion, soft signs, home decor textiles, customized interiors, skis and snowboards, and merchandising products have a wide range of uses.
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Product Description


This is white paper is for transfer printing use. Before transfering, pictures and photos could be printed on the paper. 

- Photo quality, waterproof, instant dry.

- Greater print speeds.

- Reduce excessive ink limits.

- Greater sublimation color release.

- Eliminate ghosting.

- Improved detail and resolution.

-OEM orders are accepted.

Usage scope:  chemical fiber, polyester, cotton of less than 40% of the blended fabric and coating glass, ceramic, metal, etc. 


Suitable printer:

It is suitable for Roland, Epson, Mutoh, etc wide format printer and regular table printer. Our sublimation heat transfer paper has high Transfer ratio (above 95%)

Suitable ink: need to use with sublimation ink(heat transfer ink) 

Working theory: 

The heat transfer paper use inkjet printer with sublimation heat transfer ink to print in the transfer paper in mirror way. When heat transfer equipment heat up to 200°C, the inkjet on the sublimation paper will penetrate in the substrate. It is new craft to transfer the colorful image into the substrate. For there is no film on the surface of substrate, the hand feeling and visual effect is better than the other methods of heat transfer.

Transfer paper operating instructions:

1. Printing the picture, cut and peel the blank part off.

2. Take the photo off slowly.

3. Put the photo on the cotton.

4. Place a grase proof paper onto the picture.

5. Add a fibric on it.

6. Set heat press machine at 165 degree for 25 seconds. 




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