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What is the function of the heat press machine?
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What is the function of the heat press machine?

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The heat press uses a 2000W transformer to generate a low-voltage large current, which quickly heats up through the welding head, and realizes the heat-press welding of electronic products. It can be adjusted according to the heating speed of different products. The welding head of special materials ensures that the products are subjected to the same pressure. The temperature is controlled by numerical control to make the pressure more precise. The most characteristic is that it is equipped with a digital pressure gauge, which can be preset set the pressure range. So what is the function of the heat press? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

Heat press machine product features

Application field of the heat press machine

Heat press machine product features

1. Fast response speed.  The heat is concentrated, and the welding of the workpiece with small spacing and fast heat conduction is especially suitable for the use of a heat press


2. The unique learning function of the heat press can set the heating parameters according to the recommendations, which can output a stable temperature and avoid overshoot.


3. Different from the control of the traditional heat press gear position, the energy is accurately controlled, and the unique dual PID control ensures temperature stability.


4. The heat press has fault diagnosis and alarm functions such as temperature abnormality and disconnection to prevent burning of the workpiece.


5. Four-stage heating setting, wide time range setting (0.3-99s), suitable for complex welding process needs.


6. 15 sets of parameters are stored, which is convenient for the use of a variety of welding varieties.


7. The Chinese super large LCD display can display a variety of contents at the same time, which is convenient for operation.


8. Strong external communication function, welding end, failure, RS-232 data communication port, easy to use for automatic welding.


9. The anti-hand pressure safety function of the heat press is used to adjust the looseness/tightness of the blanket so that the two sides are even and the blanket is separated. When the power is cut off or cut off, the blanket and the roller are separated, and the blanket is better protected.


10. The air pressure system of the heat press, the pneumatic roller is being used to apply extra pressure to the roller during the transfer process. The precision equipment of the hot press, the machine frame, and all the rollers are carefully made and reinforced. The reasonable structure of the machine ensures that the paper and cloth can move in parallel accurately without shifting.


Application field of the heat press machine

1. Heat pressure welding and soldering of flexible circuit boards for LCD, PDP, and other electronic products.

2. Soldering of enameled wires for HDD coils, capacitors, sensors, etc.

3. The cables in the communication equipment and the soldering of the parallel ports.

4. Heat-press bonding of resins for small cameras, etc.

5. The gold wire inside the microwave component is hot-compressed.


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