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Dye-sublimation transfer printing generally chooses large-format machines. This type of machine can improve work efficiency and increase the color saturation of the finished product. Therefore, the general factory will choose our machine.
Here are some tips:
There are many products involved in thermal transfer printing: clothing, luggage, interior decoration, outdoor advertising and so on.
The best composition of polyester fiber: add a small amount of polyester cotton, nylon, polyester and spandex.
The best fabrics: non-woven fabrics, satin fabrics, silk, Lycra, Oxford fabrics, whose content is less than 20% of cotton polyester cotton fabrics, terry cloths, etc.
Reminder: Cotton, pure nylon or woolen sweaters and other hair fabrics are not suitable for sublimation sublimation transfer, cotton can be used with T-shirt direct injection machines.
If you want to start your business at the moment, but cannot find a suitable printing factory, we can provide you with relevant information.

Our service tenet is to provide you with "one-stop dye sublimation printing solution". When you are ready to start the heat transfer business, we can provide your pre-sales and after-sales. Need to know the consultation and required materials have been prepared, such as printers, thermal transfer paper, thermal transfer ink, thermal transfer machines, etc.
Please believe in our professional standards. We have been engaged in the sublimation transfer industry for many years and have a good reputation in the industry. We can provide you with professional advice and services. If you want to know more about sublimation transfer printing, please consult us online. We will provide you with the most patient and best service.

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