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Dye sublimation transfer printing has always been the best choice for outdoor decoration. Like many inks used for imprinting, sublimation inks also react to ultraviolet light. This makes the printed product gradually lose its luster over time under outdoor conditions.


With the continuous advancement of technology, new sublimation panels have appeared on the market. This allows product decorators to enter the outdoor field. There are many applications of sublimation transfer printing that are exposed to sunlight for a long time, and the most representative one is outdoor signs.


For example, it is feasible to transfer various characteristic patterns of different age groups on the skis, or retransfer to the light pole banner. Creative bestsellers can be put on outdoor trade fairs.


The light pole banner makes full use of the printable area. Some graphics or advertisements can be printed on the top of the light pole and the edge of the banner. These printings can be kept for a long time, and people will see it unintentionally, increasing your advertising exposure and increasing your Brand awareness.


The flag is also very suitable for sublimation transfer. We often see small flags outdoors on holidays with slogans or cute promotional pictures to celebrate the holidays, all of which are made through our crafts and machines.

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