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Dye sublimation transfer printing is one of the digital printing technologies that has become popular. This technology mainly acts on polyester fiber or other synthetic chemical fiber fabrics. This technology requires the use of thermal transfer inks and inkjet printers. The printed products include clothing, advertising banners, flags, table covers, ID cards, etc.
The pattern we designed is first mirror-printed on the heat transfer paper, and then transferred to the polyester fabric through a heat press at a temperature of about 180 to 210°C.

The dye sublimation transfer effect is good, the effect on the clothing perfectly coincides with the design, extremely high resolution, and color reproduction. You can wash the transferred clothes and find that there is no difference from the just transferred clothes. The principle is that the dye is injected into the substrate at the molecular level and is not used locally. Therefore, under daily storage conditions, the printed product will not fade or be peeled off.

Dye sublimation transfer is better than other printing
Persistence: the pattern is permanent and does not fade
Dispersibility: dye ink, sublimation will not accumulate on clothes
Bright colors: the dye ink is bonded with the transparent fibers of synthetic fabrics, and the colors are bright
Simple technology: without other complicated special technology, you can get continuous tones that match the design

Sublimation transfer printing
Garment types of polyester fabric on roll-to-roll or cut pieces:
Fashion, casual and streetwear
Men's vests, T-shirts, shorts, trousers, suits, ties, shirts; ladies' swimsuits, bikinis, long skirts, short skirts, dresses, overalls.
Sports fitness equipment
T-shirts, shorts, base layer, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, baseball, swimsuits, racing, skiing, racing, hockey, etc. for all sports
Outdoor advertising promotional products
Aprons, textile bags, T-shirts, water tanks, tops, towels, bath accessories, luggage, bags, hats, pillows, flags, banners.
Interior decoration: tables, chairs, carpets, felts, bath towels, tents, umbrellas, sheets, quilts.

Main material characteristics:
White/light blue polyester
Textiles-chiffon, satin, microfiber, gabardine, lycra, neoprene, etc.

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