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Dye-sublimation transfer can also be transferred on hard substrates, including cups, plates, mouse pads, coasters, tiles, gold, keychains, plaques and other metals and ceramics.
Today's material life is becoming more and more abundant, which corresponds to the improvement of spiritual life. People need products that have the same function, but the appearance during use must have its own style, showing a personal style and appearance. It is commonly known as personalized customization. Sometimes, my own ideas are very different from those of the designer, so I can only directly participate in the design and give full play to my creativity. Compared with other technologies, dye sublimation transfer eliminates the limitations of plate making and achieves on-site printing and immediate use.
Now that personalized customization is developing rapidly, opportunities should be seized in time.
Cups, saucers and bowls need to be fired at high temperatures. Dye sublimation transfer can be applied to these high temperature resistant products, and the printing is simple and the printing patterns are various. Exquisite patterns can increase appetite, and exquisite prints and designs can be used as gifts for relatives and friends. Custom-designed gifts are more meaningful.

The advantages of sublimation transfer printing on hard substrates:
Great advertising promotion: Many types of small objects can be printed, and some can be printed with logos on small products and sent to customers. Invisibly promoted myself.
High frequency of appearance: Many small objects are of commemorative significance. They like to carry them with them and use them frequently to attract the attention of others.
Can be customized instantly: Many couples or friends will give gifts to each other on some special days. Dye sublimation transfer can transfer their photos or unique designs, which is very meaningful.
If you want to start your business at the moment, but cannot find a suitable printing factory, we can provide you with relevant information.
Our service tenet is to provide you with "one-stop dye sublimation printing solution". When you are ready to start the heat transfer business, we can provide your pre-sales and after-sales. Need to know the consultation and required materials have been prepared, such as printers, thermal transfer paper, thermal transfer ink, thermal transfer machines, etc.
Please believe in our professional standards. We have been engaged in the sublimation transfer industry for many years and have a good reputation in the industry. We can provide you with professional advice and services. If you want to know more about sublimation transfer printing, please consult us online. We will provide you with the most patient and best service.

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