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How to use the heat press machine?
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How to use the heat press machine?

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The heating plate of the heat press machine is treated with real air conditioning, and the surface is electroplated without deformation and rust after long-term use. The heating tube adopts stainless steel electric heating wire buried casting type, which has the advantages of non-oxidation, impact resistance, safety and reliability, rapid heating, and long service life.  So how to use the heat press machine and what are the precautions for it? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

Operating procedures

Safety Precautions

Operating procedures

1. Turn on the power switch of the heat press machine, and check whether the machine is running normally according to the normal operating procedures. If there is any abnormality, stop using it immediately and report to the machine for repair in time.

2. Clean the work surface to make the machine flat and smooth.

3. When the heat press machine is working, the machine operator should carefully watch whether the opposing person's hand leaves the machine, and only close it if everything is normal.

4. Center the workpiece on the oil cylinder under the heat press, and place the plates evenly with the same thickness to ensure that each oil cylinder is balanced in force.

5. Adjust the required oil pressure according to the area of the workpiece and the required pressure of the workpiece (generally 20mpa for veneer).

6. Adjust the required time and temperature according to the material of the workpiece (the general veneer temperature is 90"C, and the time is 3 minutes).

7. Press the two upper pressing buttons at the same time with the left and right hands, so that the pressing plate presses up the workpiece.

8. When the pressure relief time is up, the machine will beep. Use your hand to pull down the manual opening mechanism, take out the workpiece, and put it in the designated position.

9. After the work is completed, turn off the electric heating switch first, and then turn off the oil pump switch after the oil pump continues to run for 10 minutes.

10. When the machine is stopped, the hot press should be in a closed state, and the pressed plate should be removed for a long time.

11. Shutdown: Turn off the machine switch and power switch.

12. Clean the machine and surrounding sanitation.

Safety Precautions

1. It is strictly forbidden to start operation without authorization by non-designated operators of this machine.

2. Attention should be highly concentrated during operation, keep a clear mind, and operation after drinking is strictly prohibited.

3. It is not allowed to adjust the oil pressure calibration, the tightness of the safety cable, etc., and the safety cable should be pulled in time in an emergency.

4. During the operation of the heat press, it is strictly forbidden to bring your hands close to or touch the hot press platform.


5. When placing and removing the workpiece, pay attention to the hand and forearm not to touch the workbench.

6. During the production process, the position of the plate on the heat pressing plate must be symmetrical, parallel, and flat. There must be a plate of equal thickness on the hot plate corresponding to each cylinder. The veneer, sawdust, glue block, and other sundries on the hot press board should be removed in time.

7. Do not change the setting of the temperature control switch (WK) in the heating system casually during the working process. If you need to reset it, you should report to the team leader or mechanic to set it up.

8. When turning off the heating furnace of the heat press, first turn off the electric heating tube and the circulating pump continues to run for about 10 minutes before turning off the oil pump button, otherwise, the hot oil furnace may be burned out.

9. When the heat pressing is stopped, the heat pressing plate should be in a closed state.

10. If the machine is abnormal, report it to the machine repair team in time.

11. After the work is completed, under the premise of turning off the power switch, be responsible for the cleaning of the hot press and the surroundings of the machine every day.

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