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What are the disadvantages of using the sublimation paper?
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What are the disadvantages of using the sublimation paper?

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Sublimation paper is a kind of paper used in the thermal transfer industry. It is mainly used on fabrics where the substrate is not pure cotton. Cotton and dark colors must be transferred with T-shirts! Sublimation paper can transfer color and gradient patterns. This kind of sublimation paper has the effect of sticking a sticker. However, even a good product has a shortcoming. So what are the disadvantages of using the sublimation paper? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Sublimation paper must use special sublimation transfer ink

  • Sometimes ghost images appear

  • Sublimation transfer fabrics are limited

  • The colors are different

Sublimation paper must use special sublimation transfer ink.

The use of sublimation paper requires the use of special sublimation transfer inks made of disperse dyes. Under the appropriate transfer temperature, the products made of sublimation paper will be perfectly presented. Otherwise, neither can the color of the pattern transferred by the sublimation paper be realistic, nor can it show a product with good stability.

Sometimes ghost images appear. 

Sublimation paper transfers under a flat press, and sometimes ghosting occurs. The reason is that the sublimation paper is relatively flat during thermal transfer, and it will not bend immediately when heated under the press, and the paper and cloth can be flattened. At the moment when the hot platen is lifted during thermal transfer, the sublimation paper will be adsorbed on the upper platen together with the fabric, and then fall. At this time, the high-temperature sublimation paper falling on the fabric will cause a shifted secondary transfer, forming a light-colored ghost.

Sublimation transfer fabrics are limited.

Sublimation paper is not like heat transfer, it can be hot stamped on all fabrics such as knitting, textile, nylon, non-woven fabric, and Oxford cloth. Because of the limitation of fabrics, sublimation paper is only suitable for ironing on light-colored or white polyester fabrics. The higher the polyester content of the fabric, the brighter the color of the pattern made with sublimation paper.

The colors are different. 

The effect of hot stamping on sublimation paper is not as clear as hot stamping. Heat transfer can only provide clear original documents, and the finished product can achieve the effect of photos. The color of the product made of sublimation paper is also different according to the composition of the hot-stamped fabric. Of course, the use of sublimation paper is also affected by the temperature and time of hot stamping. If the temperature of hot stamping is lower and the time is shorter, the color will be blurred.

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