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200mm1.2m Mini Roller Heat Press Machine
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200mm1.2m Mini Roller Heat Press Machine

Which can be sublimated logo or type, solvent type ink, high temperature, and pressure, and a certain amount of time, heat transfer machine printed hemp, chemical fiber, and other material. Consistent temperature, without any color error even in continuous transfer printing, thus getting a clear printing effect.
  • SUBLI2017/2019

  • Sublistar

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Product Description

Technical Specifications

Specifications SUBLI-2012 SUBLI-2017
Drum Diameter 200mm(8″) 200mm(8″)
Transfer Width 1100mm(43″) 1600mm(63″)
Voltage Single Phase, 220V 3 Phase, 220V
Power 5kw 7kw
Transfer Speed  up to 0.8m/min (2.8ft/min)
Number of Heating Elements 9
Feeding Rollers 3
Collecting Rollers 3
Process Path Feeding in Through Top of Drum
Work Table Yes, no glass
Machine Dimensions 1850*660*1270mm 2430*710*1300mm

46 (2)

Advantage of Sublistar Rotary Heat Press

Production up to 2.8ft/min

There is no need for manual feeding in of workpieces and paper during operation. When the machine start heating, the drum must be running to prevent blanket burn, and it is better worker be here in process heating.

Anti-hand Pressure Safety Function

When the machine is operating, you need to adjust the fabric and sublimation paper, which can help you prevent your fingers from being pressed.

Heated oil drum 200mm or 7.9”

Oil heated, multifunctional mini-rotary heat transfer press. Uniform heating element temperature, heat transfer pattern of colorless difference

Automatic nomex drum blanket alignment

This heat transfer machine is small and affordable. And blanket is made of American DuPont materials, 10 mm thickness, good transfer effect, long service life.

Machine Details

1. DuPont Blanket: Blanket is made of American DuPont materials, 10 mm thickness, good transfer effect, long service life.

2. Single drum: Inside / outside cylinder finishing, cylindrical precision grinding machine, drum heating evenly, no color difference.

3. Integrated slip ring: free maintenance

4. Heating tube: stainless steel heating tube, heat the conductive oil directly, the temperature can rise to 200 ºC within 45 minutes.

5. Universal bearing: we use the lasted universal bearing, which can effectively reduce the wear of bearing and reduce the loss of parts.

6. Small machine, proofing and producing lower cost.




- Lycra materials-cycling
- Polyamide-Swim&Surfwear
- 100% polyester(stretch)-cycling, running, ice hockey wear
- Sports and functional textiles

Home Internal

Curtain, Blind, Cushion, Table Cover, Towel Cleaner, etc.


Flags, Banners, Felts, Gaming tables, Home Textiles

Hard Substrates

Ceramics, Metal plates, Skis, Snowboards, Mug, Cup


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