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What are the types of heat press machines?
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What are the types of heat press machines?

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The heat press is a kind of heating the two parts preliminarily tinned with flux to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow the solder. After solidification, a permanent electrical and mechanical connection device is formed between the parts and the solder. So what are the types of heat press machines? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

Flat hot press

Rotary heat press

420mm Rolling Roller Hot Press

Flat hot press

The flat industrial wide flat heat press can sublimate the logo or type, solvent-based ink, high temperature, and high pressure, and heat transfer printing hemp, chemical fiber, and other materials for a certain period. The temperature is consistent, even in continuous transfer, there is no color error, to obtain a clear printing effect.

Rotary heat press

Rotary heat press Take Nanjing Feiyue as an example. The latent star rotary heat press has a multi-functional design, which can be used to transfer printed slices. It is especially suitable for small batches and sample production. It has the same vivid transmission effect as large-size rollers.

The Teflon coating drum of the latent star rotary heat press is evenly heated and not easily deformed. The surface of the heating plate is coated with Teflon. The PTFE coated roller has the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance, and anti-adhesion.

The latent star rotary heat press has two stations. When the machine is running, the fabric and sublimation paper need to be adjusted to prevent fingers from being pressed. Can be provided on request (simultaneous double-sided printing).

The high-density, high-temperature-resistant silicone gasket of the rotary heat press has good elasticity, no aging, no deformation, and no peculiar smell when working at high temperatures. Temperature control, time control, adjustable pressure (maximum pressure can reach 8KG/cm).

420mm Rolling Roller Hot Press

Now, cylinder printing presses have added many automated functions. For some longer or higher printing requirements, it can also achieve more labor-saving, more convenient, and more integrated effects. The parts that need to be manually operated are reduced so that when people use this type of equipment, printing can also achieve more convenient and labor-saving effects. Especially this kind of printing can bring a high success rate, basically does not waste materials, and the printing effect is very outstanding. The roller heat press uses a three-open, three-open work process. The "three releases and three collections" workflow is to place protective paper, transfer paper, and fabric before printing, and collect used protective paper and transfer paper after printing. Intelligent operation reduces the manual winding of protective paper and transfer paper, reasonably places waste paper, and effectively uses and plans the company's site.

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